with Greg Murray

Hi! Im Greg Murray.

Like many people, I have spent a lifetime watching movies.
I always thought that I was the worlds biggest fan.
However, while most other fans were interested in
what the stars were doing, I became more interested in
the writers who created the words for the stars to speak,
the lighting guys who made them look good, and the directors
who put it all together by telling the actors what to do and
the cameramen where to point their lenses. I didnt know it,
but I was becoming a cinephile. I devoured volumes of literature
on film theory and history. Every page was a new adventure.
My interests expanded to world cinema and the silent era where it all began.
With all that Ive seen and read, nothing has compared to the
pleasure I get from sharing my cinemania with others.
This enthusiasm led me to Pat Mirucki and Mike Doyle at
Video Kraftwerks in 1992. Together, we created the motion picture
review program, FILM FLICKS & VIDEO PIX, for OBC-TV in Northeastern N.J.
where Pat was the station manager. As the host and writer,
I covered recent movies and recommended older films on video that
reflected some aspect of the new films genre, theme, writing, directing,
historical perspective, or entertainment value.
For the purposes of this website, older films that have a
tangential relationship to new releases may be mentioned in
the text of the review. The assumption is that if even if
theyre not on video, they can eventually be seen on any one of
the many cable movie networks. If I havent seen it, I wont mention it.
I won't hesitate to focus on the movies that are disappointing,
but I hope I can share my enthusiasm for the ones I like as
I have done with my former viewers, my friends, and of course, my family!

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